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Vicky Weeks, sessional GPs chair

The LMC special conference on 30 January 2016 will not only debate issues relating to the unsustainable pressures on our profession, we also aim to establish clear solutions to put to Government that we expect to be acted upon. The full conference agenda and motions are now available

Mary O'Brien, sessional GPs deputy chair

Read Mary O’Brien’s hints and tips about working as a locum – she highly recommends joining a local locum group or setting one up yourself – just as she did. There’s also great advice and guidance on the BMA website.

Editors picks

Dealing with patients with mental health disorders can prove a challenge. We outline a practical approach to getting a quick history and knowledge of the patient, which should help you progress to a speedier assessment and diagnosis. Read the tips

The upcoming sessional GPs subcommittee elections are your chance to represent your fellow sessional GP colleagues. It’s a great opportunity to influence local situations, shape BMA policy and have a say on national issues. Find out more

Inappropriate referrals from other agencies and patients attending for trivial reasons mean many GPs find their workload unmanageable. It is to the 'free-at-the-point-of-abuse’ family doctor that everyone seems to turn, raising one of the biggest challenges facing general practice today – what is a GP really for? Read the story

You spend all day with patients, treating them, offering advice and support – but who’s looking after you? Read one doctor’s well-being blog and get further advice from the BMA counselling and the Doctor Advisor Service

Doctor with patient

Read Mary O’Brien’s experience of her appraisal last year. How well did she get on with SOAR, the free electronic recording system that’s offered in Scotland? Find out more

Laying bare the evidence of her own experience of mental illness enabled a Yorkshire GP to cross a divide between her and a desolate patient. The story of her final shift in the emergency department won her a highly commended award in the BMA’s 2015 writing competition

Doctor with patient

Your guidance

For some of you, the New Year may mean revisiting your job plan. Job planning isn’t just a weekly timetable, it’s key for your job satisfaction and can even be used to drive improvements for patient care. Got a job plan review coming up? Read our guidance

Your benefits

As a member you can get your contract checked for free by our experts and get it back within five working days. We will advise you of any issues you need to be aware of and we can provide additional support to get these resolved. Find out more

Your career

When: Anytime (online course)
Where: Your computer
Cost: Free for members

Details: Understand what motivational interviewing is, how it can be used to improve outcomes for patients and learn to recognise situations where motivational interviewing is useful, as well as situations when it is not. 

Learn more about the course

Looking for a new challenge this year?

Mentoring is an invaluable tool to aid the development of doctors at all stages of their career. Becoming a mentor is not only a great way to contribute to the development of colleagues, but it can enhance your own self-esteem and give you the opportunity to test new ideas and share your experience and knowledge. Find out more

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