Dispute Resolution

NHS Body Dispute

On occasions General Practitioners as contractors may disagree with decisions made by the Health Board or HSCP in respect to the administration of their contracts.

Disputes may also arise over other decisions such as remuneration, premises, contract Achievement targets, service delivery etc. Under such circumstances contractors have the right of appeal against any such decision made by the Health Board or HSCP and can thus request that it is resolved through a series of dispute resolution processes.

It is expected that most contractual disputes will be resolved informally as part of the normal contractual relationship directly with Practices before entering into formal procedures. However either the practice or the Board can request the LMC to help resolve a dispute at any stage.

Practice Dispute

A variety of disputes may arise within practice teams and the LMC, through the Medical Secretaries, has an understanding of the role of mediation in disputes. The LMC can offer information about the place of mediation and can signpost practices to agencies which can provide mediation and arbitration.

Mediation can settle some of the issues in a dispute, is less formal and cheaper that going to court or dissolving a practice. The role of the mediator is to help parties reach a solution. Mediation is a voluntary process that only takes place if both parties agree that they want to find a solution.