This Scottish Health Planning Note for General Medical Practice Premises in Scotland provides advice on the design and specification requirements for Primary Healthcare Premises in Scotland.

This document is available in the LMC Library and is the first in a series of three Planning Notes. The other two being ‘Part 2: NHS Dental Premises in Scotland’ and ‘Part 3: Community Pharmacy Premises in Scotland’.

The document draws from, and replaces, the GP Premises Directions – Guidance Note 2 publication ‘GP Practice Premises in Scotland – A commentary’ dated 19 June 2002. The new document provides updated guidance, as the source for spatial organisation and dimensional standards, on the nature of premises in respect of which Health Boards may consider financial support to be appropriate.

Detailed aspects of procurement and project costing have been specifically excluded from this guidance however If you want to discuss with the LMC how these Directions apply in your practice’s situation, please contact the office.

The LMC holds a representative role on the NHS GGC Premises committee and in addition, decisions made in this committee are over seen in the Joint Officers Group where all 3 Medical secretaries are in attendance

The regulations governing reimbursements for GP Premises are explained in the BMA guidance on premises costs. Both documents can be found in the LMC library below.

If there is any further information relating to premises that you cannot find on our website, again, please contact the LMC office to see if we can help further or alternatively sign post appropriately.

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