Support & Pastoral Care

The LMC has always provided personal, one to one support for colleagues for a host of reasons, ranging from difficulties faced in the practice or incidents with colleagues to personal issues at home.

Issues might include, feelings of distress or workload stress, personal problems, feeling generally overwhelmed or confronted by a particular challenge which seems insurmountable.

We are also here to support colleagues who may be facing action in relation to performance reviews locally or with the GMC or to advice about work place efficiency and change. There is no doubt that these processes are extremely stressful and GPs need to know that they can turn to us for support whatever the problem.

If you believe that either you or a colleague might need help or support – whatever the problem – please contact the office or email us through the web site to speak confidentially to one of the 3 Medical Secretaries. All calls and cases for ongoing support are treated in strict confidence and with sensitivity.

Once initial contact has been made with the LMC, a determination will be made in partnership with yourself as to the nature of the issue and whether support can be offered internally or whether referral to other professional sources (e.g. legal, financial, medical, occupational health, careers advice etc.) is appropriate. We will support you and also advise of other confidential services that may assist you either in the short or long term.