Child Protection

What to do if you are concerned about a child

It is everyone’s responsibility to protect children. All children have a right to grow up in a caring, safe environment.

There are different types of abuse:

  • Physical Abuse – being hit, kicked or punched;
  • Neglect – not being properly fed or clothed, poor hygiene;
  • Sexual Abuse – inappropriate sexual behaviour or language;
  • Emotional Abuse – constantly criticised, ignored or humiliated.

What might make you concerned

Children rarely tell if they are being abused. However, there may be signs which make you concerned and may be an indication of a child being abused or neglected.

The child may:

  • Have unexplained bruising or bruising in an unusual place,
  • Appear afraid, quiet or withdrawn,
  • Appear afraid to go home,
  • Appear hungry, tired of unkempt,
  • Be left unattended or unsupervised,
  • Have too much responsibility for their age,
  • Be acting in a sexually inappropriate way,
  • Be misusing drugs or alcohol.

The adult may:

  • Be acting in a violent or sexual manner towards a child,
  • Be misusing drugs or alcohol while caring for a child.

What to do if you are concerned

If you are concerned about a child, make sure you:

  • ACT promptly,
  • NOTE your concerns,
  • VOICE your concerns and give as much information as you know about the child and family.

For further advice you can talk to staff at the Child Protection Unit on 0141 201 9225 or contact your local Social Work Department. Glasgow Social Work Department are now using one number – 0141 287 0556 Social Care Direct 9am – 5pm.

Child Protection Unit Staff

Marie Valente is Head of Child Protection Development in the unit; she has many years’ experience as a Senior Social Worker involved with Child Protection in a variety of settings.

Dr Jean Herbison is our Clinical Director is a Consultant Paediatrician based in Yorkhill hospital with specialist expertise in child protection. She leads a team of paediatricians who have a wealth of knowledge and clinical experience in this area.

Dr Kerry Milligan is a GP Specialist who is also part of the Child Protection team.  Contact – 0141 201 9225.

There are currently eight Child Protection Advisors.

All the advisors are senior nurses with a background in health visiting.

Carol Bews – 0141 201 9225

Claire Keenan –  0141 201 9225

Liz Lamb – 0141 201 9225

Fiona Miller – 0141 201 9225

Phyllis Orenes – 0141 201 9225

Maryann Tanzilli – 0141 201 9225

Janice Thorn – 0141 201 9225

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