The cumulative stress of the pandemic, the workload pressures, and patient demand is undoubtedly affecting people’s mental health. We know that practice leadership, and a supportive and valuing culture in general practices is vital in maintaining the wellbeing of the practice team. These are some of the wellbeing resources available to GPs, PMs and practice staff:

Support & Pastoral Care

The LMC has always provided personal, one to one support for colleagues for a host of reasons, ranging from difficulties faced in the practice or incidents with colleagues to personal issues at home.

Issues might include, feelings of distress or workload stress, personal problems, feeling generally overwhelmed or confronted by a particular challenge which seems insurmountable.

If you believe that you might need help or support – whatever the problem – please contact the office or email us through the web site to speak confidentially to one of the Medical Directors. All calls and cases for ongoing support are treated in strict confidence and with sensitivity.

Contact Us

Contact the LMC if you need help or advice.

We provide professional support to GPs and practice teams on a broad range of issues.

You can call us on 0141 332 8081.

Alternatively please click the link below to complete some details and we will respond within 2 working days.

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