Performers’ List

Who must be on a primary medical performers list?

Any doctor who wants to perform general medical services (GMS) and personal medical services (PMS)  including sessional and locum doctors for NHS patients.

Why must doctors be on a primary care performers list?

The lists are there to protect NHS patients and services. They enable the NHS to better regulate practitioners who perform services.

What should you do to join a performers list?

  • Need GMC GP registration AND CCT to be added to the performers list
  • Decide on host performers list and contact primary care services for an application form
  • Select to be added to other areas in Scotland

Who should I contact to arrange this?

The Performers lists are managed by the Primary Care Support department:

Tel: 0141 211 3776 and 0141 232 2118

The Family Health Services Manager is responsible for managing the Primary Medical Services Performers List and ensures the management and maintenance of the GP database. BMA guidance relating to Performers can be found in the LMC Library below.