Local Negotiations

The LMC has developed effective working relationships with Board officials to enable local issues to be discussed with the relevant body, for example; Local Enhanced Services, GP contractual issues, disputes.

Meetings take place on a regular basis to ensure a thorough communication channel is maintained and that formal agreements are reached between all parties.

The LMC supports individual GPs and practices with any issue they may have and will negotiate with the relevant body to assist with the resolution of it.

Greater Glasgow & Clyde GP Subcommittee is the advisory structure to the health Board in all matters relating to General Practitioners. As part of this role we ensure that all main Board committees discussing Primary Care services have GP representation. Any proposed changes are agreed democratically within the GP subcommittee which is a Board representative structure of the GP electorate.

We encourage all GGC departments who are developing service change that involves General Practitioners to use the GP subcommittee for consultation.

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